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The Geb Cultural Exchange serves as a sanctuary for those seeking knowledge and growth within the Kemetic spiritual tradition.


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Effective Spiritual Science Solutions

Our approach is holistic, acknowledging the interconnectedness of the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of our being.

Transformational Programs & Exploratory Study Groups

We offer workshops, seminars, and rituals that are grounded in the rich tapestry of Kemetic spiritual culture and science.

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Experience the Power of GEB

Geb Cultural Exchange is named in honor of Geb, the Kemetic neter of the Earth (considered the 11th sphere on the Tree of Life), symbolizing growth, renewal, and the foundation upon which all life depends. It's a manifestation of our commitment to fostering a deep connection with the Earth, understanding the principles of Maat (truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice), and facilitating a cultural and spiritual science based exchange that enriches our shared community.


Key Elements of the

Spiritual Science Infrastructure

Health & Wellness

Learn what works for you and find peace and safe space in that process


A powerful tool for manifestation of ones physical and spiritual goals.

Social Accountability

Mastermind group of liked minded personally sovereign individuals


Cultivating ones spirit to enhance life is the #1 priority.

Hetepu (Good Day)

Our Philosophy

To initiate participants into the profound wisdom of our ancestors (Shepsu), enabling them to live more harmonious, balanced, and fulfilling lives. We envision the Geb Cultural Exchange as a vibrant hub of activity, where the ancient spiritual science of Kemet is alive and accessible to those who seek it.

  • The Significance of Kemetic Neteru in Daily Life

  • Application of Ancient Wisdom in Modern Time

  • Support Each Others Spiritual Journey


Paut Neteru Meditation

This meditation is designed to align the individual's spiritual, mental, and physical energies with these divine attributes, facilitating personal growth, self-awareness, and enlightenment.

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Standing In Integrity

Tree of Life

The Practice of Paut Neteru Meditation

The practice of Paut Neteru Meditation involves several key steps, each aiming to deepen the practitioner's connection with the divine aspects of their being and the universe.



your mental space

It is a journey through the various aspects of consciousness represented by the Neteru, each offering unique insights and energies that contribute to the ones spiritual development.



to the Neteru energy

Through regular practice, individuals can cultivate a profound understanding of the Neteru, applying their ancient wisdom to achieve personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.



energy into daily life

Frequently Asked Question

What is Geb Cultural Exchange?

Geb Cultural Exchange is a spiritual and cultural center dedicated to the study and practice of Kemetic spirituality, offering programs like Paut Neteru Meditation, workshops on the Metu Neter, and Qi Gong classes to foster personal growth and enlightenment.

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How can I participate in the programs at Geb Cultural Exchange?

Interested individuals can participate by attending our scheduled sessions, such as weekly Paut Neteru Meditations, and enrolling in our educational programs. For specific events and courses, registration details are available on our website or by contacting us directly.

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What makes Geb Cultural Exchange unique?

Our center uniquely integrates the teachings of the Kemetic Tree of Life, offering a holistic approach to spiritual development. We provide a nurturing community for exploring Kemetic wisdom, promoting balance and harmony in accordance with Maat's principles.

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Does G.C.E. explore the Bible's connection to Kemetic Spiritual Science as a Christian?

G.C.E. doesn't offer classes on this. We recommend Dr. Ray Hagins on YouTube, founder of the Afrikan Village. He discusses these topics live on Sundays at 9am PST / 12pm EST.

Dr. Ray Hagins
Chief Elder, The Afrikan Village & Cultural Center

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Is G.C.E. a Kemetic religion?

No. It is human nature to make religion out of everything, however, G.C.E. is NOT a religious organization. What we do and who we are is NOT a religion. The texts that we use are used for spiritual and moral guidance ONLY.

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